Audi Maintenance and service

    Our Audi maintenance and service prices are very much in line with our Volkswagen

    Audi service prices vary but our oil change special which includes:
    Full synthetic oil approved by Volkswagen/ Audi
    A full inspection of all major components including hoses and belts.
    Tire pressures checked and adjusted as needed.
    Safety inspection including lights, horn and wipers.
    All fluids checked and topped up with the correct fluid.
    Reset oil service light.

    All the above for a 4 cylinder at the great price of only $75*    

    We can perform all other service and maintenance work including:


    Timing Belts


    CV axles/ drive shafts

    A/C and heating system work

    Diagnostic work

    Electrical repairs
These are just a few of the Audi repair services we offer, call us to discuss your individual     
needs and find out how we can help you.

~ 1040 Nursery Road, Winter Springs, Florida, 32708 ~
*Price does not include TAX
    Audi motor vehicles have long had a tradition of leading
    the world in technological inovation. Audi have long been
    a luxury brand to rival BMW and Mercedes and have had
    just as great success in the motor sport arena.  Now part
    of the VAG group they now concentrate on producing
    reliable luxury cars and continue to dominate races such
    as Le mans 24h with a diesel.  Maintenance cost's are
    much less than other brands as they share common parts
    with Volkswagen's
~ 1040 Nursery Road, Winter Springs, Florida, 32708 ~